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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to have not a Bummer Summer

Ever wonder how to have not a Bummer Summer? Well we figured it out.  At first my goal for the summer was to do nothing and plan nothing. Our school year had been so jam packed I was ready for some down time by the time the kids were out for the summer. And that is how June played out. We slept in, watched movies, rode bikes, played around the house. And by the  first week of July Cabin fever hit and we were all ready to get out of dodge. So who did I call (actually she called me)?
My friend Erica who is an instant party all the time whether by herself or with her wonderfully crazy family. This first picture is of our kids together before they went on the zip lines in Tahoe.
 After talking to Erica and saying, "Hey what are you doing this weekend?'  Lance and the kids and I jumped on the all night amtrak and headed to Reno.  Our families played and played for three days straight. So much fun!!
 The boys could have spent the entire weekend here. Cam sad cried when he had to turn in his gear.

This picture just captures everyday at our house. Always a weapon or shield and lots of imagination.

This picture, I just don't know. Smoke bomb+tricycle+no clothes = I have no idea

My favorite spot of the summer. This is where I eat breakfast on cool mornings, watch the kids and all their shenanigans, sit and converse with Lance in those rare moments, watch lighting storms at night, and mostly just come out by myself and just sit and think about how grateful I am for amazing friends and family and a beautiful place that we live in.
 This guy has turned into a little fish this summer.
 crawdad catching at the lake
 I love that my kids will grow up with extra cousins! Until Josh convinces 
Avie to marry him.
 It is rare that we get to see Lance around the house. I love our house and our beautiful yard and it is best when we can all enjoy it together.

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Kristy said...

I was surprised to see an update! I loved looking through these pictures! can't believe summer is already over!